The Five Rights of the Individual

Who was von Hayek as a West German I have my doubts he was a democrat. No time to read all this. He is a liberal with an aristocratic title not doing much – as far as I know- against Hitler. Thats more or less what the after WWII party FDP the German liberal party is and was like. For NOTHING

Philip Schuyler

Each person has Five Rights – to life, liberty, property, the pursuit of happiness, and equality before the law. All other [valid] rights are specific applications of these five.

The right to life is founded on two human traits – reciprocity and empathy. Our drive to reciprocate produces our sense of justice. Our tendency to empathize motivates us to treat others as we’d like to be treated, generating our notions of objective right and wrong.

Our regard for justice and morality led us to a fundamental construct: no one may intentionally harm anyone. This construct renders each person protected by a right to life, which is the source of the other four rights.

The right to life protects a person from bodily injury, restraint, or compulsion. It requires that coercion be banned among individuals and used sparingly by government. The right to life generates laws against murder, assault,rape, harassment, arson…

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